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Tools used in Counselling with Minecraft - Part 2. The Three Houses Model

I have been a fan of the 'Three Houses Model' for many years.  I often use this theory in my therapy sessions with children and teens. This model is well suited to working in Minecraft and has been successful in helping my clients understand themselves.

The Three Houses Tool is a participatory tool designed to engage children in conversations about their worries, what's going well in their lives, and their dreams for the future.

The metaphorical 'houses' represent:

House of Worries – concerns, fears, and things that might be hurting the child.

House of Good Things – positive aspects of the child’s life, things that are going well, or sources of joy.

House of Dreams – hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future.

Why use the Three Houses tool?

This tool serves several functions:

It helps children articulate their feelings and experiences in a non-threatening manner.

It offers social workers insights directly from the child's perspective.

It aids in building a relationship of trust between the child and their social worker.

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